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Get the most out of your winter gap year!

11 Mar 2016

This is a guest post by EA Ski and Snowboard, an industry expert in Ski and Snowboard Instructor Internships and Training Courses in Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, USA and Canada…

Skiing Internships

Great jobs Vs. mediocre jobs…

Winter resorts are renowned for their more expensive lifestyle. Even employees who get the benefit of cheap or free accommodation, discounts around town and access to cheap gear and lift passes can find it challenging to support themselves throughout the winter season. That’s why it is so important to choose employment that will allow you to support yourself and find work that is more than just a ‘job’.

It’s better to be an instructor…

Unless you’re passionate about cleaning, cooking and working 12+ hours a day, a winter job as a paid ski or snowboard instructor is a much more appealing option! Of the 386 EA Ski and Snowboard Interns last winter, 86% returned to work at the same or another ski resort in the 12 months following their course, and 64% of our trained instructors in the last 5 years have gone on to do at least 3 or more winter seasons! There are so many more travel and work opportunities for instructors, especially for those who have a season working under their belt. Instructors get respect from the wider resort community when representing the snow sports department in the instructor uniform and it is an extremely fun and social lifestyle so it’s easy to see how people can get hooked!

Snowboard Internships

Get more out of your winter…

If you’re considering a winter season, then you should really think about what you want to get out of it. A ski or snowboard instructor internship will get you trained and qualified, and provide A GUARANTEED JOB OFFER! An internship means you not only have the ability to work in a job that offers a positive contribution to the future of this exciting industry, but you will also walk away from the winter with a sense of achievement and a piece of paper to back you up. The guaranteed job offer available with an EA Ski and Snowboard Internship will set you up with experience and a work reference so you can secure an instructing job at the next mountain you move onto.

See if you qualify…

If you think a snow season abroad is just what you need, and you want to get a good job while doing it, find out if you qualify for an instructor internship including full training, employee accommodation, season pass and a guaranteed offer today. Winter 2016/17 courses kick off in November 2016!

Click here to see if you qualify and find out about our early booking offers.

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