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Jobs in Supermarkets

29 Dec 2011

Supermarkets are some of the UK’s biggest employers – especially for part time positions. Recruiting across the whole of the country nearly everyone will have a supermarket nearby. Positions range from checkout assistants, to customer service staff, replenishment and stock assistants as well as...

Best Job in the world

29 Dec 2011

Ok – we’ve all got dreams about our favourite jobs… beer or chocolate taster, famous footballer, you name it. A couple of years ago Queensland Tourism launched the “best job in the world” recruitment drive, claiming that the job they had on offer was...

Crazy and great ways of getting a job

28 Dec 2011

See some of the best ways people have managed to get jobs – ranging from wearing a sandwich board to placing yourself on ebay, to building a retro-style CV and building a sales pitch for one company. a) Wearing a sandwich board and walking...

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Ideas for Summer Jobs

28 Dec 2011

Do you know what you want to do in the Summer? We advertise loads of vacancies on the site,  ranging from doing hospitality work to working in summer camps to working abroad. We also have a number of articles giving more info on what...

recording a video CV

28 Dec 2011

You want a job – you’ve found a position, and you’re ready to apply for it. Great. Now, you have to write a cover letter and attach your CV. It’s a good idea to tailor your CV for the job you are applying for...


21 Dec 2011

It’s all about apprenticeships – and the Government putting loads of money into creating apprenticeship jobs. If you haven’t got a job, and are not studying, then an apprenticeship could be great. Apprenticeships are supposed to be an excellent way of gaining qualifications and...

would you do an unpaid internship

20 Dec 2011

Everyone is talking about unpaid internships – which ones are illegal, do they just exploit students or are there any benefits with them? If you look at the letter of the law – a lot of the unpaid internships offered are clearly illegal. If...

Different ways of making money

20 Dec 2011

It’s difficult to get a job. There are too many people looking for work – and not enough jobs. Chances are you’ll apply for something.. along with 50 other people. So what can you do to make some money? A conventional job is the...

National Enterprise Academy

10 Dec 2011

Need work – what about checking out the National Enterprise Academy - they offer further education courses in enterprise and entrepreneurship in the UK The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy is an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to realise and achieve their business dreams. Set-up by Peter Jones, CBE,...

Introduction to Employment4Students

01 Oct 2011

Hi everyone, and thanks for visiting the e4s blog. We wanted to start by giving you a run down on where e4s has come from, to put what we are trying to do in context.   The e4s adventure started back in April 2000...

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