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We’re doing Movember!!!!!

11 Nov 2015

Yes, the formerly-fresh-faced e4s team is looking to raise at least £2,000 by simply not shaving for a whole month.

We’ve gone completely Movember moustache mad, so you’ll be seeing hairy top lips everywhere at e4s for the next few weeks. Even the e4s logo has joined in and grown a tash (and it’s actually doing much better than the rest of us!)

E4S Movember Logo

Why Are We Doing #Movember2015?

Because we think we’ll look much cooler with tons of facial hair!

No, it’s obviously not because of that…

The E4S team is doing Movember this year because we strongly believe in the Movember movement and their worthy cause of helping men live happier, healthier and longer lives.

We are doing it because we have a lot of guys in the office and have personal connections with men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer. We are keen to get on board with this great cause and to raise the profile of Movember amongst our students and employers. And, of course, we also want to raise some big money for the charities involved with Movember.

“When it comes to health matters, too many men don’t talk, don’t take action – and are dying too young…”

What Are We Doing For Movember?

There are six of us in the office in Oxfordshire, so the e4s team could look like this by the end of November.

Movember Mustaches

Photo Source: Birchbox.com

Actually, we really hope we don’t look exactly like that, because one of our six e4s Movember team members is a lady. We are five Mo Bros and one very supportive Mo Sista!

So what exactly are we going to be doing to raise £2,000 for #Movember2015? (and hopefully even more!)

Well, first off, we are all growing our moustaches in the office (except for Naomi, of course!) – and we’re all going to be raising funds personally from our friends and families to edge towards our target.

So who is growing a muzzy in the e4s office? Meet the team…

The E4S Movember Team Members

Matt Movember

Matt ‘The Moustache’ Johnson

Paul Movember

Paul ‘The Pencil’ Drake (Team Captain)

Toby Movember

Toby ‘The Dali’ Daynes

Chris Movember

Chris ‘The English’ Eccles

Andre Movember

Andre ‘Bushy’ Boeke

Naomi Movember

Naomi ‘Hair-Free’ Hammond

As well as us lot getting hairy, we’ll also be sending out a huge Movember e-shot to all of our 185,000+ registered users in order to promote the charity, which our clients are sponsoring (all of which will go to Movember) and to try to get those donations rolling in from student job seekers and student recruiters alike.

But it’s not just about us….we also want everyone else to get involved in Movember, so we’re also having a marvellous moustache competition which we hope all of you students will join in with (more on that below…)

Visit our Movember Team Page now.

Show Us The Money

We’ll flash the tash if you flash the cash!

We really want to get to our £2,000 target for Movember 2015, and here are just a few reasons why you should donate to the cause:

Fast Facts From The Movember Website:

  • Average life expectancy for men in the UK is almost four years less than women (presently 78.7 years compared to 82.6 years)
  • Men have a 14% higher risk of developing cancer than women and a 37% higher risk of dying from it
  • Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the UK. Each year over 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and one man dies every hour. 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lives
  • Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 25-49 years. Around 2,200 men in the UK were diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2011.
  • 78% of suicides are men. Suicide is the leading cause of death for men aged 20-49 in England and Wales, although the highest rate of suicide is in men aged 30-44 and the numbers are growing amongst older men
  • By donating to Movember you will have joined a global movement that has raised over £400 million and funded over 1,000 men’s health programmes in more than 20 countries in the last twelve years.

Movember Donate Button

Get Involved & Win Our Movember Photo Competition!

Well, we’ve told you all about what we’re doing for Movember…and hopefully you’ve given us a contribution towards that magic moustache target of £2,000 – but what else can you do to get involved with #Movember2015?

We want you to also sign up for Movember and share your progress with us on Instagram for the chance to win this fantastic prize…

E4S Movember Prize

To have a chance of winning you just have to follow us on Instagram and tag us in your very best picture of a miraculous Movember moustache (it doesn’t have to be your own tash – just the one you think is the best!). Also, let us know why you think your Movember pick of pics should win. Our #Movember2015 winner will be selected from the top three most-liked photos in which we are tagged.

The winner will receive the Beardsman Collection Gift Set and a Personalised Moustache Comb worth over £75 (or you can take a cash prize of £100 instead if you like).

We’ll also be giving £100 to Movember on your behalf, so get growing and Movember moustache-spotting guys!

The winner will be announced on Wednesday 2nd December 2015.

Good luck – and many thanks for your help with Movember…

Movember Donate Button

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