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Jobs in Supermarkets

29 Dec 2011

Supermarkets are some of the UK’s biggest employers – especially for part time positions. Recruiting across the whole of the country nearly everyone will have a supermarket nearby.

Positions range from checkout assistants, to customer service staff, replenishment and stock assistants as well as more specialised roles in bakeries, fish counters etc.

A lot of the supermarkets have their own jobsites and you can either apply online or at least download an application form which you then have to hand in. We’ve reviewed some of the main supermarkets for you below, and looked into what jobs they have available, roughly how many, and how you have to apply for them.

Tesco JobsTesco

Tesco don’t seem to advertise all their vacancies on their website – a search for vacancies within 120 miles of Oxford only showed 7 positions across all areas. The full job descriptions are online on the jobsite though, and you can apply online for the positions, which include delivery assistants, drivers, pickers and loaders.

Sainsburys LogoSainsbury

The jobsite has over 300 positions available – ranging from customer service assistants to general assistants and drivers. Again, you can do a pretty comprehensive job search online and make the application online. They check how far you live from the store, and you need to live within 10 miles to be able to go through the process.


Again, Asda has a jobsite where you can search, and apply for jobs online. They advertise a range of positions, and there are lots of jobs which are paid by the hour. They have both permanent and temporary job vacancies in areas such as customer service, bakery, grocery petrol etc. There are around 50 vacancies at the moment – definitely worth a look!


The Morrisons website doesn’t seem to give any details of store vacancies such as customer services, checkout assistants and replenishment staff. To get more details about these kind of positions it’s best to go in to stores directly.


Waitrose also advertises their job vacancies online – on their own jobsite. There aren’t a huge amount of jobs advertised, but you can do a search and apply online. Most of the jobs advertised are supermarket assistant jobs.


Although the co-op has a jobsite, they don’t advertise specific store vacancies. Although they have a variety of different shift patterns to suit all people, for those interested in becoming a Customer Team Member you have have to contact your local store, and ask if they have any vacancies. The site allows you to search for your nearest store, and download the application form

Marks and Spencers

They do have a jobsite – but don’t seem to advertise any jobs on it at the moment. Every search we’ve done today has come up with 0 results. We’ll check back later!

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