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10 Student Jobs That Will Get You Fit – And Keep You Fit!

30 Apr 2017

Gym membership fees can be a hell of a stretch on a student budget. But, thankfully, there are plenty of other ways to get fit without spending a fortune.

If you want to get a beach body ready for this summer – and you also want to earn enough to get away on holiday this year – then these are the ideal fat-busting jobs for you.

With these 10 jobs – all of which you can find through the e4s website – you can earn good money while you are toning, honing – but never even moaning about – your body.

Ready troopers? Then let’s get your body fitter – and your wallet fatter!

Bicycle Jobs

Get Fit With Bicycle Delivery Jobs

Cycle your way to fitness with a bicycle delivery jobs with firms such as Deliveroo in your area. Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise and the delivery company will usually provide you with your own bike, saving you the cost of buying one yourself.

You can earn pretty good money with bicycle delivery jobs and you can set the wheels in motion now by finding out more about companies such as Deliveroo.

Brochure Delivery & Leaflet Drops

Lots of your local businesses will have flyers, leaflets, business cards and brochures that they want to get in front of the eyes of potential customers.

And they’ll pay a good rate for you to walk around handing them out or dropping them through people’s letterboxes. Sometimes you’ll be paid by the number of items you deliver and other times you’ll be paid by the hour.

Depending on your current weight and fitness levels, you can burn off up to 160 calories per hour by walking, so, if you are being paid by the number of items you deliver, then the faster you walk, the more you’ll earn and the fitter you’ll get!

One firm that specialises in leaflet distribution jobs is JogPost.

Construction Work

Construction work is a great way to construct a good body. Where it’s roofing, bricklaying, general labouring or other forms of graft, this line of work is always physical.

If the weather’s good you’ll also be building up a tan so you’ll save money on the spray tans and tanning beds!

Find out more about Construction Apprenticeships and Internships in Construction.

Gardening Jobs

Gardening Work

If you are a bit of a green-fingered soul then you can convert your time and skills into cash by working part time as a gardener.

You don’t need to be a landscape designer or even a plant expert to get fit and earn money as a gardener – and you often won’t even need your own equipment. The work can be as simple as digging over plots, mowing lawns, weeding and trimming hedges.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side…but with this line of work you’ll always come up smelling of roses.

Waiting Tables

Yes, waiting tables can keep you fit. You might be surprised how much ground you cover in a shift as a waiter or waitress.

In fact, some studies suggest that waiting on is the top job for the number of steps you do in a day, closely followed by nurses, retail workers and farmers!

And you get tips, too, so the nicer you are – and the harder you work – the fitter you will become and the higher your tips pile will be.

Check out how to find restaurant jobs in your area now.

Dog Walking Jobs

Dog Walking

If you love animals then why not earn money walking dogs? There are companies which specialise in this line of work, with Tailster being just one example, but you can also just call round all of your neighbours speculatively to see if they have a dog that needs walking more often.

Avon Rep

You’ll cover quite some distance as an Avon Representative. Walking door to door, selling cosmetics in your local area can help you shed a few pounds from your body and put a few pounds in your pocket. Indeed, commission as an Avon Rep can be as much as 25 per cent of your customers orders!

There also other similar types of repping jobs you can do, such as working for Ann Summers, for example.

Activity Centre Jobs & Summer Camp Work

Lots of places all over the UK have summer activity camps where kids and young people go to do fun and energetic activities.

As an activity instructor you could be climbing walls, swinging from ropes, running and swimming for almost all of your working day. All of those activities will get you well fit while you are earning a decent crust.

And some activity jobs and summer camp positions come with free accommodation, meaning you could save a fortune on rent too.

Read our complete guides to UK Activity Centre Jobs and Summer Camp Work In The UK now.

Fruit & Veg Picking

There’s money in them there strawberries! It might not sound like the most taxing job in the world, but fruit and veg picking is actually quite hard work.

At the end of a day in the field, you’ll certainly know which muscles you don’t use very often! This sort of work can be tough, but you’ll be rewarded with fitness, strength and some fruitful wages.

Ask around your friends and family members to see if they have heard about any vacancies, or call in at your local farms to see if they need any help.

Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors & Sports Coaches

If you are already fit and have some experience in the fitness sector then why not put that to good use by training other budding fitness freaks how to get a toned or muscular body or get better at sport?

You can read our guide to Sports Coaching Jobs now, or if you don’t have any experience yet but fancy getting into the fitness industry, then how about Exercise & Fitness Apprenticeships?

Hopefully that’s given you a good few ideas about how to get fit and earn some money over the holidays, but let us know in the comments below if you have other ways of toning up your body while piling on the cash.

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