The Framework of a killer CV!

As a careers coach one of things I am often asked is what is the framework for a killer CV and as I have recently wrote a book on the subject I thought I would share my thoughts with you taken directly from my book which you can find on Amazon called Be You, Get Noticed, Get Hired, Graduate CV (Includes a Free Creative CV Template Worth Over £20)

Use this framework to help you work through your CV today, you’ll also love this free Creative CV template as it was created by an amazing graphic designer check it out here!

Name & contact details

NameAddressEmail– think professional email address, nothing silly like [email protected] or [email protected]Mobile, Landline – check correct & make sure the voice message is applicable!

Get them interested in you!

 Want to find out more about me? LinkedIn profile, Twitter, Online portfolio, Website if applicable.

Personal profile

Wow factor…. (anything you write on your CV needs to be backed up with evidence, so don’t just use your standard cliché phrases such as team work, hard-working, attention to detail etc…). You can use those phrases BUT, they must be backed up with how, what and why you have those skills and qualities and make them highly targeted to the job.See some examples below (these are purely examples, so don’t use them unless you actually have the skills and they are key to the role that you are applying for – this includes any other examples throughout this document).


“I have consistently worked to develop my managerial expertise. For example, whilst working at Costa Coffee, I gained a proven track record in increasing sales and turnover (I achieved both green Win Cards for both stores) and through training and motivation; I inspired the rest of the team to do likewise and in many cases exceed their sales targets”.


“I have a proven aptitude for figures as during my most recent role at Costa Coffee, I regularly analysed store sales figures and Profit & Loss reports, while also managing and forecasting the budget and was praised for my accurate work and attention to detail.”


Yes it is OK to mention it below again if you need to, (remember your profile is just a brief overview, so you can use the ‘Skills & Qualities’ section below to expand and provide more detail).


Skills & qualities

Skills and qualities must be matched to the job you are applying for), so for example, customer service would be an ideal quality for a position as a Retail Assistant. However, advanced computer skills are probably less relevant, although experience of using different types of electronic tills for example, would definitely be seen as an advantage.So don’t be tempted to list every single skill you can think of.Think about which skills they have listed in the job description for the role, then think about which of those skills you have, how you have gained them and how you could apply them to what is required in the new role.


Use a MAX of 4 examples.




 University degree (particularly if it is relevant to your chosen career), then please expand on the qualifications that you’ve earned so far and what you’re currently studying:Start with the most recent, including address/full postcode of school/college/UniIt is ok to include something that you are currently studying, but have not yet finished the course, but don’t include something you plan to do in the future – think present day, in fact this goes with anything you include on your CV!


Work History  

Work Experience Volunteering


Start with your most recent employment and then work backwards. Provide a sentence on what the company does i.e. ‘An online retailer specialising in gifts for under £10’, and then perhaps you could include a couple of sentences of what your general duties included, and key achievements.  You could also list your key achievements as bullet points to keep it clear, concise and easy to read. Remember, recruiters have to read through hundreds of CVs so the clearer yours is the better and if possible quantify it, for example, I reduced costs by 10% or increased sales by 20%.For example: 2008 – Present, Store Manager, Costa Coffee, 31 High Street, Wimbledon, SW19

Costa Coffee is a British multinational coffeehouse company headquartered in Dunstable, United Kingdom, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Whitbread.  My role is the daily management of the store, providing high quality service and managing a team of 20 staff. 

Key Achievements

  • Increasing sales by 10% by analysing store figures and improving customer service as well as managing and motivating the team to increase sales and ensure store efficiency.
  • Reducing stock, waste and other store costs by 5% resulting in a saving of £10,000 per annum.
  • Being able to motive staff, reduce absenteeism by listening to my staff to improve working conditions.
  • Responsible for recruitment and team training provision to help new staff and more experienced staff excel.
  • Highly competent to organise work schedules, track accounting and payroll as well provide quarterly reports to the Regional Director.



Additional training

You may have completed customer care course, first aid, health & safety training or completed in house training for an organisation, well guess what you can mention it more so if it’s relevant!


As it says on the tin but we are not talking about your 1 metre swimming certificate here!

Professional Associations


Now if you’re a little confused about what this is, (depending on the type of job you’re looking for); you may want to look at some professional associations and see what they are all about. Especially if you are studying law, accountancy, surveying etc. Many offer really excellent student rates and some may even be free.  They are also great for networking events and getting to know other people/companies within the industry) so for the UK it would be and if relevant you could mention this on your CV if you’re a member!
Language Skills If you can speak another language most definitely make them aware of this on your CV!




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