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Apple begins 1st generation iPod nano recall


Calling all students of yesteryear. If you rocked the 1st generation iPod nano of the 2005 / 2006 era then it’s time to go rummaging through your drawers (bedside not underwear) to see if he’s still lurking about because you could be in line for a new one absolutely free. The reason for this… read on!


iPod nano recall


Due to a possible faulty battery issue which results in the thing overheating, Apple have decided to take the sensible action and begin recalling those 1st generation nanos which is great for someone like me who’s still using their nano 5 years on, and was looking to update in the near future anyway. Although they think the problem is rare, they believe that the chances of it overheating increase with age so don’t want to take any risks.


If you’re unsure which generation iPod nano you have, as the picture show’s above, it’s the one with either a black or white front and a metal back.

So if you think you’re one of the lucky Apple enthusiasts with the old 1st gen nano, visit the Apple Replacement Programme and see if you’re eligible for a brand new device as an early Christmas gift from Apple


I just hope the new one can live up to the indestructible nature of my old bad boy who has served me well for 5 years!! Watch this space!



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