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by Andre on February 11th, 2013  

We at E4S are much more famous for saying “Youth Hired!” rather than “You’re Fired!” – but, today, we’re also very proud to announce on the E4S employer blog that Tom Pellereau, winner of BBC show The Apprentice in 2011, regularly recruits through the employment4students website.

In fact, Tom has just used the recruitment services of E4S for the second time – and his company has very kindly forwarded us a testimonial because of the success we’ve had in sending strong candidates his way.

A Logical Guy

Tom, who was part of Team Logic throughout the whole of the 2011 series, was never to hear Lord Sugar voice the famous “You’re Fired!” phrase in his direction during the 7th series of the show.

He survived the full distance of the 15-candidate Apprentice to face Helen Milligan, Susan Ma and Jim Eastwood in the final. After Susan and Jim were sent away from the boardroom, Tom went head to head with Helen before finally walking away as the series winner with a £250,000 investment to set up in business with Lord Sugar. The 2011 final of The Apprentice was viewed by more than 10 million people, making Tom Pellereau a household name in the UK.

Aventom - Tom Pellereau and Lord Sugar


Once the cameras had stopped rolling, the new company set up by Tom and Lord Sugar, Aventom, successfully launched Tom’s new invention range of Stylfile products in March 2012. The Stylfile collection is an iconic-looking, revolutionary, yet highly practical range of three curved nail files which makes filing and clipping nails an absolute cinch.

As the Aventom company looks to expand in 2013, entrepreneur Tom, a First Class honours graduate of the University of Bath, now 33, has used E4S to fill internship positions and full time job roles such as junior inventors, designers and 3D modellers for Aventom.

Together at the new company, Tom & Lord Sugar have aimed to ‘Invent a Better Tomorrow’ by creating revolutionary yet simple products which solve everyday problems.

Now, we’re no inventors, but we agree with that philosophy 100%. If we too at E4S can continue to make a better tomorrow for students and young people of today, while, at the same time, solving everyday recruitment problems for recruiters like you in a simple way, then we’ll be very happy people.


So, we’re very pleased to say that Aventom has sent us a ringing endorsement both for the quality of candidates we can offer and the high level of customer service we provide.

Here is what Tom Pellereau & Lord Sugar’s firm, Aventom, said about their experiences using E4S for a recent internship vacancy:

Many thanks for that! Glad that we can help.

If you’re looking for even more feedback from recruiters who use employment4students regularly then you’ll find plenty to read on our Recruiter Testimonials page.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish Tom and his wife Sarah all the very best for the future following their recently announced news that they are to become parents later this year.

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