April, 2012

Hiring just one out of every 750 applicants

by Andre on April 10th, 2012

Hearing how other companies recruit staff is always useful – are their processes they have improved, are they doing things you aren’t? Have they achieved more efficiency, or just managed to do things to a whole new level? Well, that’s the case with Joe Reynolds and Red Frog. Ok, so he’s turned a company with no start up money to one that is turning over in the region of £30 million a year in 4 years. Great. He’s also shared his way of recruiting the worlds best employees. He obviously knows what he is doing, so it’s worth a read!

How to recruit the best employees – you have to provide:

a) Positive work culture. It’s flat-out fun working at Red Frog. I work with 130 of the nicest, smartest, and most fun people I’ve ever met. The pure fun and excitement of an ordinary Red Frog day never gets old. New recruits notice.

b) Incredible benefits. Our benefits package includes unlimited vacation days (see Give Your Employees Unlimited Vacation Days), a sabbatical every five years, a 10 percent 401k match with no vesting schedule and many more great perks.

c) Office environment. We have an award-winning camp-themed office environment that includes a tree house (see Your Employees Need a Treehouse), zip-line and rock-climbing wall, among many other fun surprises. It makes coming to work exciting.

d) Heavy recruitment. We could simply let the applicants come to us, but we don’t. Long lines and raw excitement to meet the Red Frog crew at nearly every job fair within six hours of Chicago is the norm.

After four months, we’ve historically hired around 20 percent of those put on contract. (This content has been taken from Inc.com)

It’s what we strive for here at Employment4students – we’re not there yet, but every day if we can get closer to having an even more positive work culture, offering better benefits, providing a better office environment and doing heavy recruitment then that will make us an even stronger company.

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