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£26,000 Quoted For Young Persons’ Car Insurance In Bradford

If you thought that your young persons’ car insurance was a bit pricey that wait until you hear about Jamie Nunn…

17 year old, Jamie, from Bradford has just received a quote of £26,000 (yes, twenty six thousand pounds!) to insure the Citroen Saxo that his father bought him for his birthday!

For that you would at least expect comprehensive insurance wouldn’t you?

Well, you might expect it – but Mr Nunn certainly wasn’t getting it. The outrageous quote was for just third party, fire and theft insurance!

The cheapest young persons’ car insurance that Mr Nunn could find was for £9,000 – so the family have been forced to sell the £700 car.

It is thought that the ludicrous car insurance prices in Bradford can be put down to the number of uninsured drivers in certain parts of the city.

David Ward, an MP in Bradford, has said that something needs to be done about car insurance prices in his constituency.

“We have people who haven’t made a claim for 30 years being refused insurance, young drivers are being quoted premiums of more than £20,000 for their first car and many responsible drivers have seen their premiums go through the roof just because of their post code. There is clearly a problem with the number of uninsured drivers on the road in Bradford and this is definitely pushing up premiums,” fumed Mr Ward.

The MP has now called for a summit in the city in August to see what is causing the price hikes and what can be done to bring car insurance in the area back to sensible levels.

Jamie’s father, Dennis, was understandably unimpressed with the car insurance quotes on offer for his son: “My son is car mad like me, but now his aspirations of running his first car at 17 have been blown right out of the water because companies are charging extortionate prices because they want to get their losses back.”

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