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New T-Mobile Free Laptop Deal with Mobile Broadband

With mobile broadband being a huge hit in 2008 it looks set to continue into 2009 with improved offerings and more competitive prices from all the broadband giants in order to satisfy consumer needs.

Finding the best mobile broadband package to fit your download limits and speed requirements at a reasonable price has become even harder as providers began to offer special prices if you were already signed up to their network as a mobile phone user and included free laptops as part of the offers to entice new customers.

T-Mobile’s latest mobile broadband offer launched on Boxing Day is set to compete with the best of them. Included in the package is an ASUS Eee PC netbook, upto 4.5 MB download speeds and 3 GB download allowance every month on a 24 month contract for £25 per month. Also thrown in is 200 texts a month from the netbook.

The popularity of the ASUS Eee PC in 2008 as an ultra portable netbook was unfounded. For it now to be part of the new T-Mobile mobile broadband package makes this a very attractive deal.

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